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Emergency services harness the capabilities of drones to enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness. Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras provide real-time aerial footage, allowing responders to assess emergency situations swiftly and accurately. These aerial perspectives aid in locating victims, identifying hazards, and strategising rescue efforts, especially in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas. Furthermore, drones facilitate post-disaster assessments by capturing detailed images of affected areas, aiding in damage evaluation and recovery planning. Overall, the integration of drones into emergency services significantly improves response capabilities, enhancing both the safety of responders and the effectiveness of rescue operations.

    Why attend?

    With industry leaders showcasing the latest advancements, government officials shaping policy, and academics offering invaluable insights, this gathering is where the future of aerial defence takes flight.


      Stay Informed

      Stay informed about emerging trends and best practices at conference sessions led by thought leaders.



      Network with peers and share experiences to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.


      Multidisciplinary Collaboration

      Harness the power of multidisciplinary collaboration to leverage the full potential of drones in emergency services.


      Real-World Case Studies

      Explore real-world case studies showcasing successful drone deployments in disaster response scenarios.

      Picture this

      A bustling exhibition hall filled with the latest advancements in drone technology, buzzing with excitement and innovation. Here, emergency service professionals have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where the skies hold endless possibilities for enhancing their life-saving missions. From cutting-edge aerial cameras offering real-time situational awareness to advanced thermal imaging systems enabling pinpoint accuracy in firefighting efforts, the potential is boundless.

      In this dynamic environment, partnerships form organically, paving the way for cross-sector initiatives that leverage the full spectrum of drone technology. But it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the knowledge.

      Conference sessions abound where thought leaders delve into case studies showcasing successful drone deployments in disaster response scenarios, learning from real-world experiences and best practices.

      The importance of collaboration. Emergency services cannot thrive in isolation; they must embrace a multidisciplinary approach, tapping into the collective expertise of diverse stakeholders. By attending Owning the Skies, fire and rescue teams gain not only access to cutting-edge technology but also a community of innovators dedicated to advancing the frontiers of emergency response. Together, they chart a course towards a safer, more resilient future, where drones soar as silent guardians, watching over us from above.

      The sky’s the limit…

      Explore Key Insights:

      Networking Opportunities:

      Meet and discuss with industry leaders, government officials, and academics, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can enhance the effectiveness of counter-drone efforts.

      Latest Advancements:

      Access the latest advancements in drone technology tailored for emergency response.

      Engage with Experts:

      Engage with experts from industry, academia, and government agencies to foster collaborations and exchange insights.

      Experience and Insights:

      Gain experience and insights through discussions led by academic institutions.

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      Save the Date: Spring 2025 – (TBC)     Location: United Kingdom – (TBC)

      “The safety and security of our passengers and colleagues is our number one priority. That is why we’re investing in this new cutting-edge technology which will enhance our capabilities in the detection and deterrence of drones in and around our airfield.”

      Jonathan Coen, Director of Security, Heathrow.