The inaugural UK Counter Drone Conference and Exhibition.

Exhibition Space

Leading experts showcase their latest cutting edge advancements.



Showcase your latest technology and equipment directly to potential customers, engaging them with dynamic and interactive demonstrations of your product capabilities.



Engage with potential customers to understand their needs, allowing your company to tailor products and services to enhance satisfaction and retention.


Take the advantage to showcase your products and services to a targeted audience, boosting visibility and recognition to grow your brand in this crucial market.


Engage with key decision-makers from industry, government, military, and academia to forge crucial connections and drive innovation. Gain cutting-edge insights into UAV detection and mitigation through expert-led sessions and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Why Exhibit?

Gain a unique opportunity to engage directly with customers, suppliers, and influencers all under one roof in a single location. This concentrated gathering facilitates meaningful interactions and relationship-building, which can be challenging to achieve through scattered meetings or digital communication alone. Take advantage of cost-effective access to a targeted audience of potential customers who are actively seeking solutions and innovations in the industry. By showcasing your latest technology and equipment at OtS, you can capture the attention of an audience that truly matters, effectively demonstrating your competitive edge and positioning

yourself as an industry leader.

Let your exhibition space serve as a platform for networking and collaboration, fostering partnerships that can drive future growth and innovation. Through face-to-face interactions and live demonstrations, companies can convey the unique value proposition of their products and services, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. Exhibiting at Owning the Skies is a strategic investment for companies looking to expand their reach, generate leads, and stay ahead in today’s competitive market landscape.

The sky’s the limit…

Secure Your Spot:

Exhibition Space:

Gain unparalleled visibility among key stakeholders and potential partners. Showcase your products and services to a targeted audience seeking solutions in C-UAV/C-UAS.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Elevate your brand’s recognition and authority by aligning with this prestigious event. Position yourself as a leader in the field and maximize your exposure.

Live Demonstrations:

Engage directly with attendees by showcasing your solutions in action. Demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of your technology first-hand.

Expert Talks:

Learn from industry experts, government agencies, and military representatives as they share insights, strategies, and best practices in combating the evolving UAV threat landscape. Find out what your customers are seeking, now and in the future.

Don’t Miss Out:

Network with key decision-makers and influencers shaping the future of C-UAV/C-UAS defence strategies. Stay ahead of the curve with access to the latest advancements and trends in UAV detection and mitigation. Forge valuable partnerships and collaborations to drive innovation and address emerging challenges in UAV defence.

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    Save the Date: Spring 2025 – (TBC)     Location: United Kingdom – (TBC)

    “Several technologies that will help the U.S. military combat the rising drone threat are no longer just under evaluation in demonstrations in western test ranges but are now being procured by the services and used by units in every combatant command.”

    Maj. Gen. Sean Gainey, the Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office director.