Empowering Police and Security

Owning the Skies: Where Innovation Meets Strategy, Leading the Future of Aerial Security.

Event Highlights:


Industry Leaders:

Witness the latest advancements in drone technology and countermeasures showcased by industry pioneers. See first-hand how cutting-edge innovations can be integrated into your security protocols.


Policy Shapers:

Engage with government officials who are at the forefront of shaping policies that impact aerial security. Your voice and experience can influence the future of drone regulations and countermeasures.


Academic Insights:

Gain invaluable knowledge from leading academics conducting groundbreaking research in aerial security and counter-drone technology. Their insights can inform and enhance your strategic approaches.

Empowering Police and Security

Owning the Skies is not just an event; it’s a convergence of policy makers, innovators, and protectors, united in the mission to safeguard our airspace and ensure public safety. At Owning the Skies, our police and security professionals gain more than just knowledge; they gain a competitive edge. By staying ahead of the curve, we ensure that our defences are robust and our response swift.

Imagine a scenario where police and security professionals are on the cutting edge of defending against emerging aerial threats. It’s not just about being prepared; it’s about leading the charge in innovation and strategy. This is precisely why attendance at the Owning the Skies exhibition, live demo, and conference is not just an option but a necessity for our police and security forces.

The sky’s the limit…

Why Attend?

Stay Updated:

Engage with the latest developments and innovations in counter-drone technology, ensuring you remain ahead of potential threats.

New Tools:

Discover the latest drone technology and equipment available to assist with the vital task of keeping the public and our infrastructure safe.

Networking Opportunities:

Meet and discuss with industry leaders, government officials, and academics, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can enhance the effectiveness of your aerial security efforts.

Access to Expertise:

The conference brings together experts from various fields, offering police and security forces access to specialised knowledge and insights that can inform their strategies and tactics in countering drone threats.

Showcase Capabilities:

Participation allows police and security forces to showcase their own capabilities and advancements in counter-drone technology, demonstrating leadership and innovation in the field.

Policy Influence:

Interaction with government representatives enables police and security forces to contribute to policy discussions surrounding drone regulations and countermeasures, ensuring their interests and concerns are taken into account.

Training and Education:

Conferences, seminars, and live demonstrations at the event provide valuable training opportunities for personnel, equipping them with the skills needed to effectively counter drone threats in diverse scenarios.

Be at the forefront of aerial security

Together, we can own the skies.

Save the Date: Spring 2025 – (TBC)     Location: United Kingdom – (TBC)

“The safety and security of our passengers and colleagues is our number one priority. That is why we’re investing in this new cutting-edge technology which will enhance our capabilities in the detection and deterrence of drones in and around our airfield.”

Jonathan Coen, Director of Security, Heathrow.